Discover Facecard discount program for Emirates employees in Dubai

What is Facecard ?

Facecard is a discount program offering different discounts (platinium and normal) to emirates staff

Who is in charge of Facecard ?

Facecard is owned and operated by the Flight Attendant Club of Emirates (“FACE”) composed of 6 people

Who can benefit from Facecard ?

Facecard is available for emirates cabin crews, including ground staff and relatives under specific conditions

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Some words about facecard program and discounts

Available in dozens of countries facecard is a very efficient way for emirates cabin crew to save money

Facecard, one card, worldwide acces !

With over 500 discounts registered on the official website, members can enjoy offers in all continents. From South Africa to the UK passing through Dubai very few places are not pinned in their map ! So joining the program, you'll be sure to enjoy your cabin crew life even better !

Usual questions on Facecard

Facecard worldwide Discounts

Discover more about the facecard app

Our (non official) mobile app helps people from Emirates, Flydubai and other companies to access their official discount program offers. Our goal is to provide an international free tool for all cabin crew !

Some of face card partners

Here are some of the companies, clubs and so on offering discounts to Emirates Cabin Crew and Facecard holder

The easiest way to find all the facecard discounts

Have a look into our free app and be sure to get the latest discounts & offers only for you !

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